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Who We Are

L'azienda si occupa di progettazione e produzione HW/SW nel settore della microelettronica, industriale, automotive e difesa. 2BiTS è una realtà giovane, dinamica con un forte background tecnologico. Grazie all’elevato know-how interno e al mercato fortemente tecnologico in cui opera, ha avuto una crescita brillante con importanti riconoscimenti e investimenti sia nel campo della ricerca che in quelli della progettazione hardware e software sviluppando prodotti di carattere innovativo. Opera nel campo della microelettronica e semiconduttori fornendo servizi di ingegneria elettronica, progettazione HW/SW, attività layout CAD, assemblaggio prodotti e supporto al testing a numerose aziende internazionali molto note nel panorama mondiale che operano nel settore di sviluppo e testing di device su silicio. Gran parte dei servizi forniti da 2BiTS sono a supporto anche di aziende attive nel settore industriale, green, ferroviario, biomedicale e difesa diventando partner tecnologico per molti prodotti e attività di sviluppo.

Hardware Design

Our Design Team is composed of hardware and software engineers that work together in order to ensure the best workflow. We can design directly from customer specifi cations or from an existing design to optimize components and production costs. As for the semiconductor market, we develop boards for testing, reliability, validation and EMC tests for different platforms (J750, HP93K, ETS364, T2000, Fusion, UBTS, ART, ETOS), custom boards, prototypes, power supplies, boards for home automation, automotive and avionics.


Our Software Department offer support to test customer’s application (Labview). We develop test programs for several ATE systems (Accotest, Teradyne, Agilent, Eagle) and reliability tests (ETOS, ARES, ART200, UBTS ecc). For ATE we supply also a “Turn Key” solution for semiconductor testing, thanks to our internal Testing House with ETS364 and QT200 tester.

Software Design

Our firmware and software engineers write applications in various languages like C, C++, C#, VHDL, HTML, PHP, JS, Python, MatLab based on ARM architecture (like STM32, ATMEL Pic) and kernel (like Freescale e Texas Instruments). We also design user interfaces, from the local display and touchscreen to remote interfaces to control your boards.

2D-3D Layout Design

Our CAD Designers have gained long-standing experience on layout design, based on the best electronic schematic-layout suites (2D and 3D). Our knowledge includes from the simple two‐layer‐boards up to 40 layers, rigid-flex design, pre- and post- layout simulations, single-ended and differential controlled impedance, RF, EMC and 3D simulations. Our mechanical team is at customer disposal: we simulate the whole system with electrical and mechanical parts and check the correct interaction avoiding collisions and any kind of troubles.

2D-3D Mechanical Design

Using the best 3D mechanical softwares (mostly SolidWorks), our mechanical engineers design details, supports, accessories and custom boxes in order to satisfy any specific request, checking at the same time the interaction with all the electronic parts. We also realize prototypes or small series using new-generation 3D printers.

SMT-PTH Pcb Assembly

Our Assembly Team, in cooperation with our internal CAD-CAM Department, can assure quality and fast response time for prototypes and for mass production. We have an automatic SMT line, a convection oven, a vapor phase oven. We follow RoHS directive, Sn/Pb and mixed, paste-in-hole technology. In our PTH Assembly Department, using modern and innovative equipment, we complete the assy process, the final inspection (AOI and X-Ray) and the cleaning.

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